This article provides an overview of the relevant industry standards for LED lighting products. It also describes how advanced test equipment helps ensure that LED lighting products meet all necessary parameters for performance, energy efficiency, consumption verification, and safety certification.

Standard and specification for solid-state lighting Updated in 2019 (the first time since 2008), ANSI/ IES LM-79-19 is the standard and specification for solid-state lighting. In addition to specifying optical measurements (lumens, chromaticity, luminous flux, etc.), LM-79-19 includes stringent system efficacy specifications. For LED lighting, the relevant parameters fall under “AC Power Supply Standards” (sections 5.1-5.3).

internal-led-driver.jpgThe LED driver can be integrated into the LED lighting fixture itself. In this case, the input power coming into the luminaire’s LED driver (power supply), as well as its output power, must be measured using test equipment to compute system efficiency.