advertising-347x253Technology advertising, both in print and online, is a surrogate sales call. It's all about delivering a clear signal through the noise. To be effective, advertising has to deliver a benefits-driven message about your product or service to the right audience and then ask for a response. To do less is to waste your investment. As engineers, we're experts at creating the benefits-driven message. As marketing communications professionals, we're equally expert at getting the message in front of your audience. Our advertising planning and placement services provide you with the maximum benefit for every dollar you invest in media-both in print and online.

Paid Search Advertising – Google and Microsoft Ads

In addition to concept and content development, we provide Google AdWords campaign creation, management and reporting services. Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords relevant to your business, we help drive traffic to your website by targeting 
the right audience.

We are often looking for ways to add dramatically to the value of your advertising investment.

 Advertising services include:

  • Campaign design and implementation
  • Concept development (design and copy)
  • Media planning and management
  • Google AdWords / Google Ads campaign creation, management and reporting
  • Microsoft Ads / Bing Advertising campaign management and creation
  • Directory and buyers guide management