Social Media

social-media-347x253Today a successful B2B marketing communications plan includes a social media strategy. Tools like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, once considered useful only for consumer marketing, are now essential for branding your business. WelComm will partner with your team to evaluate which social media tools will help you to communicate your product messaging in the most effective, results-driven way as well as support for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Unlike traditional marketing communications tools that tend to broadcast messages to an audience in the form of advertising and PR, successful social media marketing is all about engaging an audience in a conversation. So the topics are fresh and interesting on a broader level – they are not a product pitch.

WelComm’s dedicated staff actively engages in social media usage on a daily basis, with an eye to staying current on the latest social media developments, industry best practices and reporting. Activities include developing internal blogs, creating Twitter and YouTube accounts and commenting on industry blogs and articles. Moreover, WelComm proactively eListens by monitoring industry forums, blogs, videos and high-tech news to track what is being said about your company, brand or product. We can also monitor what’s being said about your competitors to keep you one step ahead.

 Social media services include:

  • Consultation, planning and implementation of a social media campaign
  • Social media eListening
  • Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube channel creation and management
  • Blogs – content creation and management