Public Relations

pr-347x253B2B public relations is measured in press coverage. PR is about what’s new, what’s different. As we like to say, it’s not the “what” but the “so what” that ultimately interests editors and customers. Truly effective B2B public relations requires a solid relationship with the editorial community. We work diligently, every day, to keep those relationships strong.

Since we are a technology-based organization, we can quickly craft technical articles from the raw materials you provide. We can interview your product managers, field application engineers (FAEs) and even customers and use this information along with other technical resources to draft a story. And we are much more comfortable than many marketing communications agencies in pitching stories to technical editors as we have a fundamental understanding of the products and applications we’re discussing with them, being fellow electrical engineers ourselves.


Public relations services include:

  • Product launch and press release creation — message planning through copywriting and managing the internal approval loop
  • Technical article creation — including interviewing client Field Application Engineers (FAEs) / product managers, conducting technical research and creating article figures, graphics, and so on
  • Editorial calendar management — on-going review of upcoming topics to pitching article abstracts to editors
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and HTML-enhanced press release distribution — including global translations and distribution as required
  • Custom list maintenance of key trade journal editors
  • Press interviews and / or press tour planning
  • Press kit preparation for tradeshows and conferences
  • Monitoring and reporting media coverage